How to choose Merchant Navy Career?

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It is important to know that merchant navy is not similar with Indian navy. Merchant navy is not fighting-navy. Most merchant ship carry various cargo includes; bulk ore, animal, passenger, oil and container cargo. The main attraction from merchant navy career is good of salaries and free travel foreign as bonus. People who work in merchant navy will get high income at young age.

For example, the third officer or fourth officer on oil tanker ship can get salary up to 2,000 dollars per month and it depends on type of company and ship they join. For junior officer usually work for four up to six month contract and senior officer work for three or four months contract. Some ship management companies pay salaries per year while some of them pay while officer on sail. People who work in merchant navy often get high salary because they work far away from home for long times. In fact, they spend many times at the sea. Every ship hire specialise and expert crew for different position. For this reason, it is important to get study or course from professional merchant navy institute. You can take CDC merchant navy course at Aryavart Corporation.

Merchant navy is one of career in commercial cargo and passenger transportation on the sea. Most of merchant navy job is associated with commercial container, passenger vessel and cargo liner service. It offer specific job as people can go to various exotic and interesting destination and make new adventures during their life. Merchant navy requires specialise expert and professional person who can work in different position seriously to manage all operation. It is inseparable aspect of international trading. People will never rule-out cargo and goods transportation.

If you are interested to get job from merchant navy, then you must be prepare all mental and physical healthy. People who join work in merchant navy must be open and accept various situation and experiences. They should get high spirit to get high study for better job position and responsibility. It is needed high intelligence to manage operation and handle any difficult situation. People should be ready work far away from their home for long time and free from home sick feeling.
For those who love travelling while work, merchant navy is good career to choose. It is perfect career for those who interesting to work on the sea, meet new cultural, travelling aboard and work far away from home. In merchant navy career, you will travel to some countries depend on ship operation. If you are interested in merchant navy career, here are some important courses to join as follows;

  • Pre-sea training. This course give student engine maintenance training. Pre-sea course is also well known as GPR [general purpose rating]. If you take this course, you will spend 6 month training. All candidates can join with this course after 10th with 40 percent aggregate. The student should have English, mathematics and science with 40 percent marks. The age limit to join pre-sea training is student with 17-25 years old.
  • Deck cadet course. This course gives student diploma level in nautical science. The student should have mathematics, chemistry and physic with 50 percent in English and aggregate at 10+2 or 10th.
  • STCW courses. This course is basic training for safety includes; PSSR [personal safety and social responsibility], PST [personal survival technique], FPFF [fire prevention and fire fighting] and EFA [elementary first aid]. All STCW training takes for fifteen days.

It is important to get career in marine engineering from reputed and dedicated maritime course institute in Aryavart Corporation that can provide you high skill and knowledge to manage all technical aspect on the ship.

A Career at Sea By Aryavart Corporation International


Working on ships can be a great experience as well as a very challenging task. It has its rewards and it also has its tough days too. Aryavart Corporation International is an institute that prepares you for each kin of experience you can possibly fathom out there.

A professor at the institute told us, “The first day at the sea is full of excitement, joy, curiosity and fear. Those who always aspired to be a merchant navy officer feel the gush of winds in their hair, as if the nature itself is welcoming the man on board. The joy takes over the fear of the unknown, yet it is there.”

This mix and mash of emotions becomes quite overwhelming for some. And trust us, when the professor was talking about it, he had a spark in his eyes. As if he was out there, looking at endless horizon. We couldn’t help but ask him, “Sir, have you also worked as a marine?” His answer was as beautiful as the innocent smile of an innocent child, “I have lived as a marine, and I always carry the salty winds and moist air of the seas with me.”

We are sure, if he could, he would still be on a ship, welcoming the sea with his open arms.

This was the moment when we decided, we are going to be in merchant navy. He said we are all welcome, and yet, he told us we should prepare our mind for the toughest of challenges. We can take control of a machine, but we can’t control nature, and that’s what makes merchant navy one of the most exciting careers.

When we talked to him about salary, his reply was magical once again. He said, “Money doesn’t even come close to the experiences you gain, and you get to earn a lot.” He said, “In the end, it all comes down to the most beautiful feelings in the world, a feeling of contentment.” We were awestruck by this man’s wisdom. He never defied the importance of money, but he maintained the notion that money can buy you everything, but experience is something you achieve.

Success, as this amazing and inspiring professor at the Aryavart Corporation International said, is, when your thoughts, your words, your desires and your actions are in harmony. He gave us all a pat on the back, and said, “Welcome aboard kids, life, as you know of it, is going to change.”

Career in Merchant Navy – Aryavart Corporation International

Aryavart Corporation International

Merchant Navy, as the name signifies, pertains to business transactions involving shipping of cargo and sometimes passengers through the sea  route. According to one of the faculty members at the Aryavart Corporation International, many fresher candidates and others  have a misconception. Even after so many years of this field being among the top career choices, there are still people out there who think Merchant Navy is similar to the Armed Naval forces.

Merchant navy is a division of marine industries in which the naval fleets include commercial containers, passenger vehicles, cargo liners and other such items.

Yes, you will be spending a majority of your time blazing through the sea. Yes, you will not get to see land as often as you would want to.  But then  again, being into Merchant Navy is not everyone’s cup of tea. The career  is exciting, the package is lucrative, and the work is not as easy as you  may think it is.

No matter how many new communication channels may come up,  merchant navy will always be a very important cog in the wheel of international trade. Until you can send a car to another country through an email,  people will need to use one of the routes (land, sea or aerial) to get the  transportation job done.

So now that you’ve decided to make a career in this amazing field of work, let’s see what career options you’ve got in this line. Read along…

The three key areas where the majority of work is done are the service  department, the deck, and the engine. Youngsters who are aspiring to be a part of Merchant  Navy crew can start with one of these departments.

Those who are looking for the service department may get the following  responsibilities in the medical, kitchen, or laundry, or some other area of work.

Engine department, as the name itself implies, is a very important job to maintain the ship and communication lines. Getting a job in this line of  work requires an immense level of aptitude, leadership, and technical skills. Apart from chief engineer, electrical officer, and radio officer, there is also a requirement for other junior engineers. The possibilities are galore!

If you are looking for a platform where you can actually polish your skills and prepare yourself for a life of adventure, amazing pay scale, and above all, a life full of growth and skillful opportunities, you can be a good fit for merchant navy.

The important factor to consider here is to join a reputed college where  the faculty is experienced and trained enough to inculcate the pearls of  wisdom you need to become a Merchant Navy Officer.

The good news is that your search for such an institute is complete. Join  Aryavart Corporation International today and see your career  prosper to greater horizons!

Why Should You Join Merchant Navy? – Aryavart Corporation International

Aryavart Corporation International gives training for the merchant navy students internationally with all all valid certifications like STCW.

If you come to think about it, there is more to merchant navy than meets the eye. According to a professor from ARYAVART CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL, choosing a career in merchant navy brings about a lot of positive and inspiring changes in an individual. From materialistic to psychological to philosophical, merchant navy is capable of bringing about changes of all kinds in you. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should choose merchant navy as a career. Read along…

Amazing Pay Scale:
O yes, weren’t you waiting for this one? Everybody knows how important it is to be financially independent and sound. Unlike other career paths, merchant navy offers lucrative salaries even to the fresh candidates.
Yes, the scales vary depending on the qualification, area of expertise and position held by a person, but they are still lucrative if compared to other occupations.

Traveler’s Bug
If you are also among those who have been bitten by this amazing bug, then you are in for a treat. Once you are selected onboard, you will be surprised to see how much you get to travel. Think of the most amazing destinations in the world, and chances are you would’ve been there, or you will be.

The Cultural Extravaganza
Getting to meet people from all grounds of life and from different backgrounds is the best way to learn about the world. Along with traveling, you will also get to mix up with people from different nationalities and various cultures. Being a part of a crew that is a mixed bag of people of all ethnic backgrounds is an amazing experience.

Improved Professionalism
As any other organization, the crew of merchant navy also needs to work like cogs of a wheel. The better the understanding between them, the better and safer their voyage will be. High discipline, resourcefulness, good communication skills and leadership skills are a must have for every merchant navy official.

And the Best Part Is
Adventure is going to be your everyday activity. Spending days and nights, going at amazing speeds, cutting through sea’s bosom is an experience you just can’t afford to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll with ARYAVART CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL today and give your career the much-needed jumpstart. Amazing life awaits you, where are you?