A Career at Sea By Aryavart Corporation International


Working on ships can be a great experience as well as a very challenging task. It has its rewards and it also has its tough days too. Aryavart Corporation International is an institute that prepares you for each kin of experience you can possibly fathom out there.

A professor at the institute told us, “The first day at the sea is full of excitement, joy, curiosity and fear. Those who always aspired to be a merchant navy officer feel the gush of winds in their hair, as if the nature itself is welcoming the man on board. The joy takes over the fear of the unknown, yet it is there.”

This mix and mash of emotions becomes quite overwhelming for some. And trust us, when the professor was talking about it, he had a spark in his eyes. As if he was out there, looking at endless horizon. We couldn’t help but ask him, “Sir, have you also worked as a marine?” His answer was as beautiful as the innocent smile of an innocent child, “I have lived as a marine, and I always carry the salty winds and moist air of the seas with me.”

We are sure, if he could, he would still be on a ship, welcoming the sea with his open arms.

This was the moment when we decided, we are going to be in merchant navy. He said we are all welcome, and yet, he told us we should prepare our mind for the toughest of challenges. We can take control of a machine, but we can’t control nature, and that’s what makes merchant navy one of the most exciting careers.

When we talked to him about salary, his reply was magical once again. He said, “Money doesn’t even come close to the experiences you gain, and you get to earn a lot.” He said, “In the end, it all comes down to the most beautiful feelings in the world, a feeling of contentment.” We were awestruck by this man’s wisdom. He never defied the importance of money, but he maintained the notion that money can buy you everything, but experience is something you achieve.

Success, as this amazing and inspiring professor at the Aryavart Corporation International said, is, when your thoughts, your words, your desires and your actions are in harmony. He gave us all a pat on the back, and said, “Welcome aboard kids, life, as you know of it, is going to change.”

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