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Merchant Navy, as the name signifies, pertains to business transactions involving shipping of cargo and sometimes passengers through the sea  route. According to one of the faculty members at the Aryavart Corporation International, many fresher candidates and others  have a misconception. Even after so many years of this field being among the top career choices, there are still people out there who think Merchant Navy is similar to the Armed Naval forces.

Merchant navy is a division of marine industries in which the naval fleets include commercial containers, passenger vehicles, cargo liners and other such items.

Yes, you will be spending a majority of your time blazing through the sea. Yes, you will not get to see land as often as you would want to.  But then  again, being into Merchant Navy is not everyone’s cup of tea. The career  is exciting, the package is lucrative, and the work is not as easy as you  may think it is.

No matter how many new communication channels may come up,  merchant navy will always be a very important cog in the wheel of international trade. Until you can send a car to another country through an email,  people will need to use one of the routes (land, sea or aerial) to get the  transportation job done.

So now that you’ve decided to make a career in this amazing field of work, let’s see what career options you’ve got in this line. Read along…

The three key areas where the majority of work is done are the service  department, the deck, and the engine. Youngsters who are aspiring to be a part of Merchant  Navy crew can start with one of these departments.

Those who are looking for the service department may get the following  responsibilities in the medical, kitchen, or laundry, or some other area of work.

Engine department, as the name itself implies, is a very important job to maintain the ship and communication lines. Getting a job in this line of  work requires an immense level of aptitude, leadership, and technical skills. Apart from chief engineer, electrical officer, and radio officer, there is also a requirement for other junior engineers. The possibilities are galore!

If you are looking for a platform where you can actually polish your skills and prepare yourself for a life of adventure, amazing pay scale, and above all, a life full of growth and skillful opportunities, you can be a good fit for merchant navy.

The important factor to consider here is to join a reputed college where  the faculty is experienced and trained enough to inculcate the pearls of  wisdom you need to become a Merchant Navy Officer.

The good news is that your search for such an institute is complete. Join  Aryavart Corporation International today and see your career  prosper to greater horizons!

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